Welcome to Simply Well, a virtual mental health and wellness space – I am so glad that you’re here!

My name is Autriya or you can call me Riya for short & if you’re new here, welcome to the Simply Well community.

I am 23 years old from Canada and live in the greater Toronto area. Although I call Canada home, my roots are Persian/Indian.

Since high school, one of my deepest interests has been Psychology. My curiosity for the subject began much earlier, but it really bloomed after an introductory course. I then continued on to pursue it in University and am planning to return to school to specialize in a Master’s of Counselling Psychology in September 2023.

My mission is to discuss difficult mental health and wellness topics while incorporating research, holistic healing and provide you with the tools to stay simply well!🤎

I have always naturally gravitated towards the helping profession. I thoroughly enjoy supporting and guiding others towards becoming their best selves. I hope to work with you in the near future (when I am a registered/ qualified professional). Until then, please enjoy the content on this blog and my social pages.

Stay simply well, and happy reading!

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