It’s ok to let go of something/someone that is no good

As we move through the phases of life we also move through many different routines, jobs, relationships (romantic & non) etc. Holding on to those that time after time prove themselves of value and (hopefully) letting go of the ones that don’t.

Some of these we inherit along the way, and some of these we intentionally choose.

When you know that something or someone is no good for you, and can feel that it’s constantly bringing you down, then the logical thing to do would be to distance yourself or let go of it completely.

You can offer space for it to evolve and it may possibly make sense and fit in to your life down the road. However, if it isn’t working out in the present moment, then that’s OK! The present is all we have and it’s our responsibility to honour our needs!

I understand that it’s easier said than done. I have often neglected my gut instincts too. Not anymore! Let’s put ourselves first.

Don’t wait until your breaking point to let go of these things that are weighing you down. Just do it and don’t look back! If it’s a job, you’ll find a different path, if it’s a friend, you’ll make new ones, etc. (there is never a perfect timing to it).

Feel the weight slowly become lighter, feel yourself become healthier again, feel the excitement and the joy to continue your journey!

You got this!

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