I’m Back!

Rocky Mountains, Alberta & British Columbia. Photographed by ME!

I’m back! My short hiatus has come to an end. I’ve been away from the blog for about a month, however, I had the opportunity to create some meaningful new experiences and memories.

I recently graduated from the University of Toronto and went on a wonderful trip with a close friend to visit Alberta and British Columbia. We spent the days hiking and trekking around the rockies till we became so tired and realized that our stamina is extremely poor. However, it was a good reminder that I need to get more active even during the work weeks. Also, an important lesson learned was that it is truly a lot of hard work to reach 10,000 steps daily (for all you fitness nerds that also count your steps).

If you have the time and can afford to, I really do urge you to take a break. You don’t have to go on a trip like I did, you could just take a break in your own home. Take a few days to reset, refresh and recharge; have some of that well deserved “me time”. Having some meaningful time to yourself can really help you hit that reset that we sometimes need.

Morraine lake , Alberta. Photo by ME!

This picture above is of Morraine lake in Alberta. I truly couldn’t believe the colour of the water! The water was still and clear; only the light ripple of the waves hitting the canoe could be heard. I closed my eyes and thought of the most brilliant things I had seen in my life so far and this really outranked them all.

As I floated there in the canoe, I took some time to take it all in and feel immense gratitude for the beauty and the opportunity for the experience. I’m not sure that many other views can bring me the peace of the mountains joined together by a valley with a crystal turquoise lake. It truly looked like something imagined in a dream.

Whilst I am so grateful for this relaxing time, I am back to my usual routine now, and will be back on schedule with my writing! If you are a reader of this blog, I thank you for your patience. If you are not a reader of this blog, what are you doing with yourself…? Join the conversation and start reading along too!

I will return to writing about topics that I am passionate about, so please stay tuned!

Sunset on Lake Minnewanka, Alberta. Photographed by ME!

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  1. Great. A much needed break is indeed necessary for me now. Thank you for reminding me. Great god bless you.

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