“We Become What we Commit to” – Sam Demma

Image of Sam Demma photographed by Francesca Demma

Sam Demma’s life turned upside down after he endured 3 knee injuries and tore the cartilage in his right hip. He had a full-ride scholarship to a top university in the States to pursue his dream to play soccer. However, it had to be given up as playing the sport became strenuous. He quickly realized that he had lost his path and had been attaching his identity to the sport. “Who am I”, thought Sam, as he had just spent his complete high school career believing he would pursue soccer professionally.

“I felt like I was doing the wrong thing at the wrong time”

Sam Demma

“I felt like I was doing the wrong thing at the wrong time”, said Sam after he spent a month at the University of Toronto to pursue an undergraduate degree. He felt he was following social norms and doing what the rest of the students do upon graduating from high school — A psychological phenomenon called “social proof”.

Sam decided to leave university to pursue his passion for public speaking and is now a board director for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Image of Sam Demma photographed at DECA Ontario by Brandon Ferg

“The grass is greener where you water it”

Sam Demma

“The grass is greener where you water it”, said Sam, after realizing that the more time he spent public speaking would flourish and create greater opportunities. Sam speaks effortlessly with great confidence and his hard work and small consistent actions have paid off towards his career. Sam’s speeches captivate audiences of all ages and has inspired individuals towards taking steps that will leave an everlasting impact on their lives.

Check out the links down below to listen to my interview with Sam Demma where we discuss habit building, goal setting, perseverance and learn more about his journey to entrepreneurship!

Check out Sam’s website and his 2021 graduation speech linked below!

Website: https://samdemma.com/

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