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In the past it’s been very difficult for me to form new habits. I have been through many seasons of habit formation which have then been followed by a slow and very unfortunate decline. Very often, I blame this on the fact that “something came up” and I pay less attention to pursuing what I had initially set out to do. Admittedly, sometimes nothing comes up and I just become lazy.

I was recommended in 2020 (by a wonderful person) to read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. I had been going through a tough time personally and I wanted to form new habits to achieve greater awareness of myself within a present moment (mindfulness).

This book really evolved my habit formation process. Clear’s mantra is to accomplish small habits daily. By doing this, your new positive habits will become second nature and lead to personal success. This book was a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a positive change.

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So I started doing exactly that. Every day I made my bed, I wrote in a journal, I said a prayer, and created a daily gratitude list. After doing these tasks for 2 weeks it began to feel like second nature. I started looking forward to it and it no longer felt like a chore.

A very important piece of this process that I learned from the book was to create a list of my current habits and then rank them as positive, negative or neutral. After realizing that a lot of my habits were negative (such as waking up and immediately checking social media), I created a list of habits that were closer to the ideal version of who I want to be.

I want to invite you to try and build 2 wholesome habits that you can achieve daily. This may be a challenge but it can be as small as making your bed each morning or washing your face each night. It might help to also create a list and rank your own habits in order to reduce the negative and make room for more positive ones.

Leave a comment down below mentioning 2 positive habits that you will try to endeavour!

10 responses to “Wholesome Habits”

  1. Great post! Definitely 2 positive habits I want to endeavour are going outside each day while working from home and reducing my time on screens.

    • Thank you C.P !!

      Those are 2 great habits that I’m sure will really benefit you in the long term.


    • Amazing post very thought provoking as realized that I have some awful habits I should eliminate! Two habits I want to do is to start reading 30 minutes before bed, and keeping my space tidy – tidy space tidy mind right? Can’t wait for the next post xox

      • Thank you Del!

        Those are both really good habits to start! I totally agree, a tidy space definitely means having a tidy and clear mind!

        Lots of love,

      • Great first post, I absolutely cannot wait for more!! This post has made me reflect on several of my habits both positive and negative, and I will definetly try becoming more aware of them.

        Two habits I’d like to start are spending more time outdoors and becoming more organized with my tasks/agenda!

      • Hi Natasa!!

        I’m so glad that you liked my first post and that you took the time to reflect on your own personal habits! The two habits you mentioned sound very achievable and I’m so excited for your success in building these.


  2. This is great! The “something came up” excuse is so relatable, and forming habits is more important now than ever. I’ve heard a lot about Atomic Habits, and looking it to pick it up. Can’t wait for more insightful posts!!

    • Hey G.O,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Atomic Habits is a great read, it has really helped me to keep in check. Let me know how you like it!


  3. love this blog!

    Currently, my goal is to wake up earlier to mentally prepare for the day, to check in with my wellness, and to take that time for Bible study to positively impact my day.

    The second positive step that I’m endeavouring to reach is to analyze every negative thought that passes through my mind, and to either validate it or acknowledge it as an irrational anxious thought, and then let it go.

    • Hi Karina & Co.,

      Waking up earlier really helps me to prepare for my day too! I’m also certain that making more time for Bible study will impact your day positively. I wish you the best to build these habits and keep them going.

      The second portion of your comment is something I will be writing about very soon so stay tuned!


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