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Growth through discomfort

I hiked a volcano last month – yes, you read that right. I decided that in 2022 I will push myself outside of my comfort zone, and hiking Volcan de Acatenango was on that list. On January 1st of this year, I made a list of all the places I wanted to travel to and […]

Why I am no longer living according to a “plan”

Many of us grow up believing that milestones in life will happen in a certain order and at a certain age. I grew up thinking that I had to go to university the moment I got out of high school and I had to graduate on time (both of which I did do). I also […]

How to Overcome the Winter Blues

Are the winter blues getting to you? It is definitely getting to me. Day after day, dark skies, frigid temperatures, piles of snow and on top of it all, no where to go! After days of grey skies, a sunny day means sitting near the window for as long as I possibly can. Trying to […]